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How does my Formula's automatic/manual bilge pump work?

A float switch or sensor is built into the automatic/manual bilge pump system. When the water level in the bilge reaches the height of the switch/sensor, the pump automatically turns ON. When the water level drops below the float switch or sensor, the pump automatically shuts OFF. If the pump does not appear to be working properly, the circuit breaker between the battery and the pump could be tripped or there could be something physically wrong (e.g., stuck or shorted) with the float switch or sensor. Conversely, a pump that runs continuously may be an indication of a float switch stuck in the ON position or a sensor fouled with residual moisture. To override the automatic feature of the bilge pump, use the manual switch found on the dash. If you use the manual switch to turn ON the pump, you must also use the manual switch to turn it OFF. NOTE: The automatic aspect of the bilge pump system is constantly-powered (i.e., it is wired directly to the batteries), while the manual feature can only be utilized with the auxiliary power switched ON.

updated: 3/13/2012