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FAS3Tech® Boats by Formula Boats

If you spend even a little time on the water at least on occasion, it’s likely you’ll see performance boats offshore that will make your heart skip a beat. While it’s always exhilarating to dream of being at the helm of high-performance speed boats, it’s important to remember that certain performance boats are simply superior to others. Read on to learn more about Formula’s FAS3Tech® series, some of the best performance boats in the marketplace today.

Having been high-performance boat manufacturers for more than 60 years, we can tell you that you’ll quickly discover Formula Boats builds the best performance boats on the water. We’re world-renowned for crafting the best performance power boats because our vessels enable boaters to experience a difference that only Formula boats can provide.

Our small performance boats are available in innovative designs specially crafted with the greatest attention given to each detail. We only use the highest-quality materials when we build our FAS3Tech® performance boats, something that’s obvious even from a distance.

At Formula Boats, we don’t build for the masses, but we do build for you. That’s why our FAS3Tech® boats are highly customizable. Whether the 292, 353 or 382 is your favorite FAS3Tech® model, we’ll build a boat that’s custom-made just for you.

Features and Customizable Options on Your High Performance FAS3Tech®

When we build a custom FAS3Tech® high-performance speed boat for you, it really is all about you and your choices. To start, you’ll have a nice array of attractive graphics and colors to choose from. You’ll also be able to choose from an assortment of engines and optional amenities, such as air conditioning, advanced chartplotters and underwater lights. While your offshore performance boat is already well-equipped, being able to add even more equipment along with your personal touch enables you to create a boat that’s unlike any other on the water.

With FormulaFlex, graphics are fully interchangeable, which is great news for boaters who are artistically inclined. MyWay upgrades allow you to flex your design muscles even more because you’ll have the full Pantone color palette at your disposal. Do you want your FAS3Tech® boat’s colors to match those of your favorite sports team or the color of your child’s eyes? MyWay gives you the power to pull it off.

FormulaFlex also gives you the chance to express your personal tastes in every aspect of your high-performance boat. You can mix and match upholstery colors and choose the accent and piping colors you like the best. You can personalize the location of your electronic equipment as well. With MyWay, you have even more options when it comes to your boat’s cockpit, cabin and onboard technology.

Formula Boats Brings Top Quality

Since our family-owned and -operated company was founded more than six decades ago, everyone affiliated with Formula Boats has been committed to excellence in everything we do. As we build your FAS3Tech® boat, no detail will escape our attention.

Our dedication to excellence and quality is reinforced with every FAS3Tech® performance boat we make. We use premium materials along with detailed fit and finish when we craft our FAS3Tech® performance power boats, which is why they’re as visually appealing as they are ready to hit the water.

Whether you’re at the wheel or you’re enjoying a cruise as a passenger, you won’t want to be anywhere else once you go for a ride in your FAS3Tech® performance boat. And you won’t be able to think of a platform that’s better suited for making lifelong memories with your family members and friends.

Contact Formula Boats

If you’re ready to be the owner of one of the best performance boats on the water, contact Formula Boats. Our family-owned and -operated company is the only place where you’ll find the best performance boats. We’ll construct a high-performance FAS3Tech® boat that you and your friends and family members will enjoy for years to come.

While you may like our FAS3Tech® boats because of their customizable nature and all of their standard and available features, you’ll love them even more once you experience what it’s like to cruise the water in your very own custom FAS3Tech® boat. That’s because your FAS3Tech® boat will allow you to create lasting memories with the people you care about the most regardless of whether you’re at the dock or on the water.

To learn more about our FAS3Tech® performance boats, contact Formula Boats today.