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A Memorial Day to Remember

I spent the Memorial holiday weekend at our place on the Lake of the Ozarks. On that Sunday afternoon a local guy always has a cove-out party at his house and hires a band. We had about 10 boats tied up at one point with two Formulas–my 280 SS and my good friend’s 40 PC. We probably had 30 to 35 people hanging out.

While standing on the front of his 40 PC talking, we both noticed and commented that all the other boats (non Formulas) were empty and you couldn’t move on our boats! Between his swim platform and mine, both cockpits and bows there was somebody filling the space. We were tied up with a new Four Winns, a Regal and many other boat brands, but the Formulas were the life of the party. It was just another one of them PROUD days to own a Formula!

Have an Unbelievable Day!