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Finally AVAcation for the Grosso Family

We bought a Formula 242 LS in 1989—loved the boat, but as things go I was building a house and had to sell the boat to afford it. I got married in 2001 and had my daughter, Ava, in May of 2004. My wife and I decided to buy a boat that the whole family could use and have fun. We went to the local Sea Ray dealer and ordered a new boat. That was our first mistake—three Sea Rays later we were still having major grosso1problems with the boat spending more time being worked on than in the water. We never even got to put our name on the boat, which was going to be AVAcation after our daughter. I showed up at the marina one Saturday to see if they had the boat fixed. Didn’t even make it to the service department, when I noticed a 2000 353 FAS³TECH® sitting in their yard. They had just taken it on trade that Friday. Without even thinking, I said, “Sold.” Since that day we have been boating trouble-free. We finally got to put our name on the boat: Finally AVAcation.

Just wanted to thank all of you for making a great boat!

Sincerely, Vincent, Nadine and Ava Grosso