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NMMA Boating Safety Tips & Brochures

  • Boat Safety in the Marina

    The Boat Safety in the Marina brochure offers boaters critical information about safety aboard and around boats while in the marina. Included in this publication are tips for marina dock safety, electrical safety tips inclusive of connecting/disconnecting shore power, electrical shock hazards in the water and safety aboard the boat while in the marina.

  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

    This brochure outlines the dangers of carbon monoxide gases emitted from gasoline engines. It advises how to avoid CO poisoning and identifies measures a boat owner can take to avoid the effects of CO.

  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors

    This brochure discusses Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detection systems onboard boats, offering tips for making sure the system is working and maintained properly, and what to do if the CO alarm sounds. It is a must-have for consumers and recommended to be included with all boats.

  • Electrical Shock Safety

    This brochure outlines problems associated with dockside power on a boat. It explains proper handling of electrical cable and practices in and around the dock electrical hookup.

  • Green Boating

    Green Boating offers boaters tips for an environmentally-friendly boating experience. Topics include equipment maintenance, fuel spillage prevention, aquatic hitchhikers, trash stowage/recycling, and more.

  • Marine Fuel Systems Safety

    This brochure offers information on the inspection and maintenance of gasoline fuel systems onboard boats. It also includes tips on hazard avoidance, a checklist for each time the boat is operated and annual inspection guidelines.

  • Propeller Safety

    This brochure explains the dangers of propeller strikes and lists safety checks and measures to ensure propeller safety while boating.

  • Towed Watersports Safety

    This brochure outlines proper ski etiquette, proper signals, and safe boat handling while towing skiers.

  • You are in Command

    This USCG brochure discusses boat owner/operator responsibilities. Topics include life jacket use, boating safety courses, vessel inspections, collision avoidance and several other areas. This publication is a must-have for boat owners and recommended to be included with all new craft.