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Is there a propeller that is best for all aspects of performance - hole shot, cruising, and top end?

Generally speaking, all prop selections are a compromise of some aspect of performance. To prop a boat for maximum top end speed, one generally gives up something on the low end. Conversely, when a prop is selected for its hole shot performance, one generally gives away one or two mph in top end speed. The best hole shot is generally realized with the smallest pitch propeller that allows the engine to operate at the extreme top of the recommended rpm range at wide open throttle. Maximum speed is usually achieved with a propeller pitch that allows the engine to operate between the middle and the upper end of the wide open throttle rpm range. Optimal cruising or mid-range performance is generally a combination of the above two applications. The largest pitch propeller which still allows the engine to operate within the recommended rpm range is generally the best selection for this type of use.

updated: 4/1/2008