When using a boatlift, what are the recommended lift points?

To prevent structural damage to your Formula boat, the proper procedure must be used when lifting your boat. The recommended method of removing the boat from the water is to use lifting slings. Slings must be the flat, wide-belt type. The spreader bars used with the sling must be long enough to avoid pressure to the gunwales. DO NOT USE CABLE TYPE SLINGS. To ensure proper balance and hull integrity, the rear sling should be located under the front motor mounts, to support the engine weight. Locating the sling under the motor mounts will help ensure that the bottom of the hull will remain straight over time. If the lift uses bunks instead of slings, the rear ones should extend past the transom for proper hull support. The forward sling or bunk location will vary depending on boat weight and length. The forward lifting position will usually be one to two feet forward of the windshield. The slings or bunks on the lift should be adjusted so the boat will rest in the lift with the stern three to six inches lower than the bow. When the lift is adjusted properly, any rainwater which may enter the boat will run to the transom. If the batteries are charged and the auto/manual bilge pump is working properly, any water entering the boat will be removed by the pump.

updated: 4/1/2008