What do the letters and numbers in the hull ID/serial number (HIN) mean?

The first three characters in every hull identification number (HIN) are the manufacturer's identification code (i.e., TNR for Thunderbird). The only way to obtain a manufacturer identification code is through the U.S. Coast Guard. Characters four through eight are the boat's serial number, which must consist of letters in the English alphabet, Arabic numerals, or both; except the letters 'I', 'O' or 'Q' (because of their similarity to the characters '!' and '0'). The boat manufacturer chooses a boat's hull serial number. The fourth character in Formula's HIN identifies the plant location of manufacture ('M' is for Miami, and 'D' is for Decatur) NOTE: The Miami, Florida plant is no longer in operation. Characters nine and ten in each HIN indicate the month and year the boat was manufactured. Character nine, the month of manufacture, must be indicated using the letters of the English alphabet, starting with January as 'A' and ending with December as 'L'. A=January B=February C=March D=April E=May F=June G=July H=August I=September J=October K=November L=December A boat is considered certified to comply with the safety standards in effect on the first day of the month shown in the ninth character of the HIN. Character ten is the last digit of the year of certification (or manufacture). This is a typical Formula Manufacture Identification Code for a hull serial number manufactured on August 1993 - TNRD1234H3. Characters 11 and 12 are the model year of the boat and must be indicated using Arabic numerals. A complete HIN would look similar to TNRD1234H394. (Formula's model year changes in July.) Each HIN must be carved, burned, stamped, embossed, molded, bonded, or otherwise permanently affixed to the boat so altercation, removal, or replacement would be obvious. WARNING: ALTERATION OF A HULL IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (HIN) WITHOUT THE SPECIFIC WRITTEN PERMISSION OF THE COMMANDANT OF THE US COAST GUARD IS SPECIFICALLY PROHIBITED BY FEDERAL STATUTES AND COAST GUARD REGULATIONS. PERSONS CONVICTED OF THE ALTERTION OF A HULL IDENTIFICATION NUMBER ARE LIABLE FOR CIVIL PENALTIES.

updated: 4/1/2008