Vintage Formula Brochures

Formula Catalog 1971

Vintage Formula Brochures

Note: Due to the relatively large size of these documents please allow time the document to download into Acrobat viewer, before pages become visible. (1 MB takes approximately 2.5 minutes over 56 Kbps dial-up or 25 seconds over cable or DSL). If you have problems see the instructions below.

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If you are having trouble opening the file in acrobat reader, try these steps:

  • On the page where you would download the brochure, right click (control + click for Mac’s) on the link.
  • On the menu that opens, click the “Save Target As” item.
  • A file save box will open. Select where you would like to save the brochure and click “Save”.
  • When the file is finished downloading open the saved file on your computer.

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