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The Formula Difference

We invite you to join the ever-growing family of boaters who experience a REASSURING DIFFERENCE WITH FORMULA. That difference is the result of finetuned design, authentic craftsmanship and a companywide insistence on excellence. It means you’ll enjoy more priceless moments with family and friends each time you boat. The Porter family wouldn’t settle for less and neither should you!

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Formula Boats Staff

Formula presents the 2022 line of best designed, best built pleasure boats on the water today.

CELEBRATING 66 YEARS of ongoing advancement in marine manufacturing, Formula’s tradition of excellence continues to surpass expectations with the ultimate goal of providing consistently gratifying experiences on the water with family and friends. SINCE 1976, Formula has been 100% owned and managed by the Porter family, focused on continual product improvement throughout the line, from the smallest Bowrider to the superlative 500 SSC. A dedicated team of employees do their best every day, combining premium materials with detailed fit and finish to achieve the extraordinary standard of quality required in a Formula. As lifelong boaters, the Porters realize the importance of responsive, customer-oriented service for owners, addressing issues through area dealerships, authorized service centers and the technical assistance team located at the manufacturing facility.

As LI F E LONG BOATE RS, the Porters realize the importance of responsive, customer-oriented service for owners, addressing issues through area dealerships, authorized service centers and the technical assistance team located at the manufacturing facility. Formula lost a huge part of its founding vision in October of 2021. Vic Porter, who purchased the company with his family in 1976, passed to his eternal reward. Vic insisted on visionary design, superior execution, and, most importantly, a satisfied and pleased customer. We will never replace him, but Vic prepared and passed his vision and ethics on to the second, third and fourth generations of the Porter family. Vic will always be missed, but he leaves a lasting legacy in Formula Boats.

Design & Comfort of Formula Boats

The Formula Difference

THE PORTERS invite you to join the ever-growing family of boaters who experience a reassuring difference with Formula. That difference is the result of fine-tuned design, authentic craftsmanship and a company-wide insistence on excellence. It means you’ll enjoy more priceless moments with family and friends each time you boat. The Porter family wouldn’t settle for less, and neither should you.

John Adams, Exclusive Designer

  • Responsible for each Formula’s sleek lines and outstanding performance
  • Achieved through his eminent blend of form and function
  • Each unique design first becomes a 3D image, then a full scale reproduction and finally the master mold
Formula Boat Features

Formula Quality

  • 575,000 square foot manufacturing facility built specifically for powerboat production
  • Based in Decatur, Indiana, the Porters’ home town
  • Consistent procedures carried out with solid work- ethic dedication
  • Utilizing the latest technology to its greatest advantage
  • Corporate, sales and production all under one roof for ongoing collaboration in creating each boat

Formulaflex Offers Individual Personalization

  • Graphic color choices are interchangeable to communicate your personal style
  • Choose upholstery base, accent and piping colors to your individual preference
  • Wide choice of cabin fabrics, Corian surfaces and cabinetry make it uniquely yours
  • Positioning of electronics can be further personalized
  • FormulaFlex MyWay™ upgrades offer virtually unlimited graphic color selection, plus more cockpit, cabin and electronic choices

The Formula Difference - Best From Start To Finish

Hull of Formula Boats

Formula is Famous for Performance Excellence

  • Unique performance heritage with over 65 years of offshore boating  experience
  • Proven deep-V Formula hull configuration
  • Exciting pace with responsive handling
  • Solid, enjoyably smooth ride
  • Super Sport/FAS3TECH® multi-plane hull technology for fast-paced, solid performance, increased range and soft re-entry
  • Formula achieves high performance with confident control and solid, exhilarating ride
Formula Boat Flooring Creation Process

Lamination Procedures Assure Durable Beauty

  • Computer programmed cutting produces custom-ply, bi-axial and tri-axial fiberglass and Coremat® shapes
  • Hand-laid composites and resin carefully layered with optimal cure time in thoroughly maintained molds
  • High shear strength Corecell™ in hullsides 29 feet and up
  • Premium AME® 5001 resin: first two CBR/BR/SS hull layers, all  SSC/ASC hull layers – no barrier coat needed as with lower grade resins
  • Every square inch at its strongest – no problem areas to patch with Kevlar strips
Aerial View of 387 CCS
Structural Design

Superior Structural Reinforcement Assures Legendary Performance

  • Superior Structural Reinforcement Assures Legendary Performance
  • Resin-encapsulated, suspended cross-framed stringer and bulkhead system securely bonded to CBR/BR/SS hulls with biaxial laminates for optimal force distribution
  • Unique, custom-engineered Super Sport/FAS3TECH® matrix – a unitized fiberglass grid with premium AME® 5001 resin bonded to all SSC hulls with Plexus® adhesive
  • Stringers and matrix foam-filled for vibration dampening and solid ride
  • Additional structural reinforcement – custom fiberglass shapes, or pultrusions, in hull bottom and along gunwales
  • Deck and hull inseparable – chemical Plexus bond plus stainless steel bolts through heavy backing plates


Professional Paint Jobs on Formula Boats

Vibrant, Long Lasting Finish Far Surpasses All Others

  • Premium Ineos Maxguard™ LE gelcoat – the base on all Formulas
  • Unique Axalta™ ChromaPremier® basecoat/Imron® Elite clearcoat graphic process never chalks, fades or needs to be buffed back like the colored gelcoat others commonly use
  • Multi-stage process creates brilliant metallic designs – impossible with gelcoat or Imron paint alone
  • Stunning graphics with no accent tape striping applied
  • Wide selection of color and design options – unlimited personalized color expression with FormulaFlex MyWay™ upgrade
Entertaining Guest Aboard a Formula Boat

Formula Cockpits Lead in Versatility and Crowd Pleasing Comfort

  • Multi-purpose design innovations bring more fun on the water
  • The ever-important flush cockpit for safety and ease
  • Cockpit seating cleverly transforms for all-out performance runs or relaxing conversations in the round
  • Aft facing lounge easily converts to expansive sunpad – great • for in-water activity at anchor
Rope Cleat Hardware on a Formula Boat

Only the Best Components Make it Into a Formula

  • Formula tests extensively for quality and endurance
  • If a proposed item fails, it won’t be in your Formula
  • All railing is low-carbon 316L stainless steel – highest marine-grade available
  • 316L stainless custom cleats installed with stainless lock nuts and backing plates
  • Virtually all hardware is 316 stainless, far superior to merely electropolished, lower-grade stainless
  • Hardware thru-bolted with chrome-plated stainless fasteners
  • Inserting flexible O-rings ensures a watertight seal
Technological Features

Audio Visual Equipment Offers the Latest in Technology

  • Premium stereo systems throughout with dash and transom remotes standard
  • Lighted cockpit speakers and subwoofers standard on 310 and larger • Bluetooth and multiple USB charging ports standard on all models
  • Standard MP3 and USB ports
  • Dashes feature wireless charging stations from the 310 on up, two stations on all SSC/ASC • Subscription-ready SiriusXM™ Satellite Radio
  • Larger LCD HDTVs throughout with Smart TV features
  • All cockpit TVs 38 feet and up, plus all cabin TVs, feature WiFi-enabled Blu-ray Disc players
Electrical Composition

Formula Electrical Systems Keep You on the Water

  • Connections individually hand-crimped and heat-sealed with double-wall shrink tubing using corrosion-resistant tinned wire
  • Never using less reliable, preinsulated connector common in the industry
  • For longer runs, color-coded wiring neatly routed through flexible,  protective conduit
  • Easily reset E-T-A® circuit breakers shield systems from excess current damage
  • Heavy-duty marine-grade batteries installed for added reliability
  • All boats equipped with dedicated starting batteries
Durable Composition of Seat Materials on Formula Boats

Superior Seating with the Highest Quality Construction

  • Waterproof marine materials – no wood throughout cockpit
  • Rotocast, Starboard® and StarLite® XL seat cores guarantee longevity
  • Preshaped, contoured anti-microbial foam components
  • Remarkable DriFast® foam does not retain water
  • Computer-patterned and CNC cut shapes assembled into highly detailed forms by skilled sewers
  • Rugged, outdoor-grade vinyl upholstery – higher density, tear-resistant with special backing
  • 36-ounce White, Moondust and Morning Sand base vinyls treated with PreFixx to resist staining
  • Accent vinyls color-permeated throughout
  • High-grade Tenara® thread does not deteriorate from UV, cleaning agents or saltwater


Boating Satisfaction Makes All the Difference

Commodities of a Formula Boat

Everything You Need For a Day of Fun

  • The integrated wetbar, a Formula hallmark, features genuine Corian® counter, large sink, trash container and cooler or refrigerator for easy entertaining – available on 270 and 290, standard on 310 and larger
  • Highest number of polished stainless steel drink holders within easy reach
  • Head door solidly secure with only one latch
  • Smoothly finished fiberglass storage compartments stay open with gas spring or special hinge design
  • Generous storage for all your gear, including dedicated storage for tables, filler cushions and fenders
Aboard The Helm Station

Formula’s Helm Station

  • Double and triple-wide seating with options to sit, stand or rest on the upright seat
  • Sturdy composite dash features digital shifters/throttles and intuitive waterproof switches within easy reach
  • Illuminated gauges, digital instrumentation and navigational electronics logically arrayed on sleek, liquid black dash panels
  • Raymarine Axiom XL chartplotters available on all SSC/ASC models
  • Positioning of electronics can be further customized with FormulaFlex™
  • Impressive leather-wrapped, polished stainless steering wheel
Luxurious Formula Boat in Cabin Dinner Area

The Formula Cabin — A Sumptuous Retreat

  • Luxurious Ultraleather™ lounges, beautifully finished cabinetry, upscale Corian® surfaces and solid wood tables for a pleasing residential environment
  • Décor selections feature fabrics that enhance each theme – even further personalization with FormulaFlex
  • 350 and up offer choice of custom quilted bedspread with pillow shams, linens and embroidered towel sets
  • Woodgrain-finish flooring and wood entry steps complement your selected cabin décor
  • Wall and ceiling panels fit precisely – no tell-tale bead welt or screw cap covers to mask shortcut assembly
Genuine Corian Sink

Genuine Corian Countertops — Not an Imitator

  • Advanced blend of natural materials and pure acrylic polymer
  • Uniquely hand-crafted by Formula
  • Remarkably durable, seamless surface
  • Nonporous and easy to clean – stains do not penetrate
Interior Cabin of the 387 CCF

Flawless Cabinetry — A Formula Standout Feature

  • Solid, precision construction at its core
  • CAD/CAM routers cut, drill and shape materials for exacting assembly and fit
  • Cabinetry constructed with thru-bolted aluminum extrusions and stainless steel L-brackets
  • Cabinetry units are securely bolted to the hull
  • Cabinet doors remain closed under way with perfect joinery and top quality locking latches
  • Drawers are all premium dovetailed hardwood maple construction
Bedroom inside Formula Boat

Luxurious Ultraleather Lounges

  • Perfect setting for relaxation and entertainment
  • Richly textured appearance and supple feel of fine leather
  • Surprisingly tough and durable – spills wipe up easily
Secure Bolts on Formula Boats

Formula Engine Rooms Offer Reassuring Safeguards

  • Electric engine access, meticulous hose routing, and wiring secured in flexible conduit
  • Standard fume detector and automatic fire extinguishing system
  • All sterndrive engines thru-bolted using heavy-duty cast aluminum mounts and backing plates – far superior to lag screwing directly to stringers as in many other boats
  • Available sterndrive external freshwater flush or automatic outboard flushing system
  • Sterndrive and outboard engines securely mounted through sturdy composite transom
Formula Boats Safety Test

Each Formula Must Pass Extensive Testing

  • All boat instruments and systems fully engaged and evaluated in a test tank
  • Engines are powered up and run through diagnostics while in gear
  • Continuous water spray confirms seals around deck hatches, hardware and along windshield New hull designs, engine packages, materials and equipment evaluated through testing on open water
  • Formula’s quality program assigns a team of inspectors to examine each finished boat as if they were the buyer – reinforces the importance of consistent, premium quality throughout the entire facility
  • New owners enjoy The Formula Difference from day one
5 Year Limited Protection Plan on Formula Boats

Formula Guard Coverage on Every New Model

  • Protects each Formula owner’s investment
  • 10-year structural warranty
  • 5-year limited protection plans on all components, accessories, engines and outdrives
  • Free Monthly Reliability Inspections for first year of ownership
  • 24/7/365 factory hotline for emergency assistance
  • 5-year VesselVanguard® Yacht Management System subscription and SeaTow Gold Card membership
  • 5-year warranty includes labor and replacement materials plus allowances for travel, haul out and towing
  • All warranties, subscriptions and memberships fully transferable to subsequent owners
  • High value remains strong to trade up
Making waves on a Formula Boat (color)

Formula’s Technical Assistance Group Offers Vital Support

  • Quick, accurate advice to dealers helps resolve service issues
  • Timely updates to dealers on product changes and service programs
Ocean Paradise on a Formula Boat

Formula Service Keeps Owners on the Water Through a Qualified Network

  • Formula dealers offer expert full service along with new and pre-owned sales
  • 130+ service-only dealers, Authorized Service Centers, provide multiple quality alternatives for most areas
  • Find all locations on the Formula website
Relaxing Afternoon on a Formula Boat

Formula Consistently Earns the Coveted Marine Industry CSI Award

  • Evaluation program impartially administered by the marine industry, not from company questionnaires
  • Earned awards in Fiberglass Outboard Boats, Sterndrive Bowrider Boats and Sterndrive Cuddy & Express Boats
  • Important customer satisfaction achievement – check other boat companies for their industry ratings
Smooth Turns Aboard a Formula Boat

The Formula Team Goal is Owner Satisfaction

  • Formula is National Marine Manufacturers Association Certified, • using American Boat and Yacht Council standards
Formula Boats Side by Side

The Formula Difference

It’s in the sleek design, the solid dependability, the smooth, fast ride, and most important of all, the boating satisfaction with family and friends that you experience over and over again.