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Devenny’s 26 PC — Making Waves

After 9-11, my wife, three children and I took the leap and bought our first boat. We looked at a lot of boats and settled on a 1990 Formula 26 PC with twin 4.31 motors. The boat offered a lot—a galley, two beds, collapsible dinette, camper top and best of all, it was fast! We took the boat out every weekend on the Navesink River and Raritan Bay in New Jersey. In June, my wife, three kids and our dog were going out into the bay—you have to head down the river, which is a “no wake zone.” There was a lot of boat traffic that day so I stayed in the channel and got in line behind all the other boats. I found myself behind a large 42-foot Azimuth which was moving too slow for my liking…

34 pc[1]We passed the last no wake buoy and turned towards the bay…Soon the large boat in front throttled up and I kept pace…I came up behind the big boat and about 50 yards away I made my move around his starboard side…As I took notice of all the big boat’s guests, I turned to see the biggest wake I ever encountered…I have never passed a large fast moving boat again without putting a good distance between us. My wife says if I do it again, she’ll hit me over the head with the boat pole and take over the helm.


James Devenney