Owner’s Feature – The Irlbacher Family

Owner’s Feature – The Irlbacher Family

August 21, 2015

We love when boating is a family affair. One family inspiring the love of Formula boating in another is music to our ears.

From Keith Irlbacher:

I wanted to share my formula story. My brother in law, Dennis Buday, got me hooked on Formulas back in 2000. He had a new 280 SS back then, he upgraded to a 330 in 2008. My wife I finally found the boat we were looking for, a 280 SS loaded up. He lives in Pittsburgh and we live in Catawba Island Ohio.

He transported his boat out in July and we finally got the two together for 12 days of vacation on Lake Erie. It was a great time. Here is are a few pictures of the two boats at Kelleys Island.

Check out those classic Formula lines. Beautiful! Sounds like you all had an amazing time together. Thanks so much for sharing, Keith!

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