Guide to the Different Types of Powerboats

Guide to the Different Types of Powerboats

Comparing Categories: Understanding the Different Types of Boats

If you’re looking for a new cruiser, it’s important to understand the available options so you can find the best cruiser style for your needs. Below, we cover everything you need to know about the different kinds of cruisers available at Formula Boats to help you break down your decision and get out on the water faster.

1. Bowrider

Bowriders are famous for their V-shape, made from their large, open bow area. The V-shaped design makes navigation simpler as you cut through waves. These powerboats have ample seating in the bow, allowing for a comfortable ride.

Here are more bowrider specifications to note:

  • Best uses: Bowriders are versatile boats that support many activities. You could use your bowrider for cruising, watersports, fishing or anything in between. Boaters often drive them in lakes and shallow bays.
  • Capacity: Bowriders typically hold between six to 10 or more passengers. Exact sizes vary by model, so you can find a bowrider that suits your preferences.
  • Features: A bowrider’s features allow for optimal performance and comfort. The versatile design of bowriders from Formula Boats includes double helm seating, swim platforms, USB charging platforms, entertainment wet bars and storage areas.
  • Benefits: Bowriders have many benefits for users. Their flexibility makes it easy to enjoy a variety of activities. Features like swim platforms allow users to engage in watersports, while the comfortable seating is perfect for relaxation. You can cruise at ideal speeds with the V-shape bow design.
  • Drawbacks: Bowriders don’t have permanent protective coverings or spaces. This lack of space can make it challenging to sail during storms or take overnight trips.

2. Crossover Bowrider

A crossover bowrider has many of the same features as a standard bowrider. The major difference is the crossover model contains a cabin. You can enjoy the benefits of a bowrider with added capabilities for sleep and relaxation.

More crossover bowrider specifications include:

  • Best uses: This spacious boat is suited for extended and overnight trips. You can enjoy the open air during daytime activities, then lounge in the luxurious cabin for a peaceful night’s rest.
  • Capacity: Like the regular bowrider, the crossover bowrider can hold between six to 10 or more guests. The below-deck cabin can comfortably house sleep at least two people.
  • Features: The crossover bowrider contains many premier amenities, like convertible seating, a starboard lounge, a sleek cockpit, cup holders, storage spaces, a wet bar, a sun lounge, a swim platform and a top-quality cabin.
  • Benefits: This boat’s high-end amenities create maximum comfort for your water-based journeys. You can customize the cabin and other features to build your ideal model.
  • Drawbacks: The larger size might not allow for the optimal speeds of other model options.
Sport Crossover

3. Sport Crossover

The sport crossover models offer premier luxury boating experiences. Formula Boats provides two sports models — the Super Sport Crossover and the All Sport Crossover. These boats combine stunning features to create an optimally comfortable and top-performance ride. Each model has ample deck room, large swimming platforms and comfortable cabins for relaxation.

Here’s a closer look at the sports crossover models:

  • Best uses: These large boats are perfect for extended trips and entertainment opportunities. The 360-degree wraparound seating makes conversation easy from any onboard location. With modern amenities like a complete kitchen, high-definition television and a dual-height wood table, you can provide guests with an unforgettable gathering.
  • Capacity: Exact capacities vary by specific model type.
  • Features: The sports crossover models were designed for maximum comfort and versatility. You and your guests can enjoy high-end features like a platform entertainment table, slide-open windshield, a full cabin and open bow, triple command seating, a swim platform, an outdoor kitchen and a sun lounge.
  • Benefits: The Super Sport Crossover and All Sport Crossover are perfect for luxurious time spent on the water. The top-quality amenities allow you to experience the perfect getaway. Best of all, you can build your dream boat by selecting styles and features matching your preferences.
  • Drawbacks: These models are more challenging to transport and maneuver due to their large size.

4. Center Console

Center console boats have a central steering station. Their durable features make them ideal for sports fishing and daytime cruising. Other specifications include:

  • Best uses: The center console is a dependable and steady sports fishing boat. Its sturdy design can easily handle choppy waves, and the cushioned seating allows for comfortable cruising adventures. Other components, like a bait-rigging station and a fishing tool locker, make it ideal for all your fishing needs. It’s suitable for both saltwater and freshwater fishing.
  • Capacity: The maximum passenger load for center console boats is typically between five and eight or more passengers.
  • Features: The center console’s features allow you to fish or entertain comfortably and practically. It has triple helm seats, a bait rigging or beverage station, storage supply drawers, a sun lounge, an electronics suite and more.
  • Benefits: Fishers can have endless adventures in this dependable model. The center console can navigate tough waters, provides ample storage space for fishing gear and features plenty of seating for your fishing crew.
  • Drawbacks: This style focuses on fishing and might be less ideal for other activities like watersports.

5. Sun Sport

The Sun Sport is a top-quality sport cuddy boat. The Sun Sport model can support nearly every water activity, from fishing to watersports to sailing. You can experience a balance of luxury and functionality, enjoying long days out on the water.

Here is more information about the Sun Sport:

  • Best uses: As mentioned, the Sun Sport is ideal for many water-based activities. This boat has shaded areas for lounging, swim platforms for watersports, storage and features for fishing, and a stocked cabin for overnight stays.
  • Capacity: The Sun Sport’s capacity varies by specific model.
  • Features: The Sun Sport boat’s features are of the highest quality, allowing you and your passengers the optimal boating trip. It has abundant space for walking and storage on the deck and below the deck. In addition, the spacious cockpit is perfect for gatherings and contains a dash-mounted stereo system. Your guests can enjoy a wet bar, a swim platform, an entertainment center and a sun lounge, and the comfortable cabin makes it easy to relax or rest during extended trips.
  • Benefits: This model is extremely versatile, allowing you to savor many water-based activities. The luxurious amenities can suit the tastes of any passenger, no matter their preferences.
  • Drawbacks: You might have more maintenance requirements because of the large size and additional amenities.
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