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Belgian Waffle Brunch

Todd and Mandy Dageford, owners of a 37 Performance Cruiser, “Tupelo Honey,” impressed everyone at the Erickson Marine Formula owners rendezvous with the jazzy brunches they created in their cockpit each morning. Mandy whipped up an elegant and festive Belgian waffle brunch on Saturday. These breakfast treats were such a big hit with the group that they inspired us to include some brunch ideas in the Formula Galley.

Formula Waffle Brunch

Formula owners are always looking for quick and easy ways to make delicious food on board. Aunt Jemima® pancake and waffle mix is the secret “easy” ingredient for the Belgian waffles, while an electric waffle iron makes the “cooking” a snap. Garnish the waffles with fresh berries and whipped cream (ReddiWip® makes it pretty and easy).

Festive mimosas are the beverage of choice for this brunch. They are easy to create with a carton of chilled freshly squeezed orange juice and a splash of chilled club soda, ginger ale, or champagne (if you’re spending the morning at the dock).